But if I don’t it will be gone forever…


14 more additions to the stash courtesy of Arthur Toyes

So one of the reasons I need to Smash the Stash is that regardless of the fact I have trunks and cupboards full of fabric I recently purchased another huge mound of the stuff, which is all currently hiding under the desk in our study/office/room-o-crap. A couple of the local fabric shops closed down over the summer including Arthur Toyes where I bought my very first fabrics with my mum to make an outfit to go to my first school dance (a symphony in peach I was). In an orgy of look at these prices and I’ll never be able to buy fabric again delusions I bought way too much with grandiose plans for all of it and in keeping with my revolt against the “kiwi women only wear black”, it’s all very colourful. I need to get sewing.


2 thoughts on “But if I don’t it will be gone forever…

  1. Lol, I have this problem too. I recently realised how much fabric I actually own when I did a clear out of some of it to sell at Fabric-a-brac and since then I’ve bought more at sales! (and I bought some at Fabric-a-brac too). OMG I need help!

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