Getting busy


In a flurry of buyer’s remorse I spread out my new purchases and matched them with patterns (totally not looking at the pile of already cut out projects in the basket in the bookcase – shhhhh if we don’t look at them they’ll never know they are being ignored.) However unlike that pile I am making progress on this new pile. I grabbed a load of plastic shopping bags, my thread tin, some zips and got myself organised. Into each bag went a pattern, fabric and matching thread, then they were stacked in order of appeal next to my chair in the living room so I can cut out while watching telly.

First off the new pile was this blue fabric, I wear colour a lot but any patterned fabric I buy tends to be tone on tone so this bright number is quite a departure for me.

IMG_1556I matched it with Burda 7379 and decided on the dress view. I liked the ruffle at the shoulder and thought it would be a nice light dress for work.

burda7379Cut on the bias it is a simple pattern that didn’t take too long to put together, it does pull slightly to the ruffle side as instead of a normal armhole and dart it is gathered and I probably gathered it a little too much, at least that’s what Mum said when I showed it to her. The hem I’m particularly pleased with as I used my zig zag stitch to create a ruffled hem. Why the ruffled hem? Well the dress turned out short, way too short for me to wear to work, so the first outing was to dinner for our Wedding Anniversary. Here’s a picture of me in it, please ignore the odd hair I forgot to check the mirror after taking off my helmet after my ride home and my 10 year old photographer son neglected to mention until afterwards that I “looked weird”.

IMG_1554I’ve always noticed those girls in short flirty summer dresses and thought how pretty, however after sitting down at the restaurant and having no real bum coverage, I now look at them and go eeeeeeuw. Perhaps it’s just me and I’m too old and too lacking in height but I think I’ll wear this as a tunic in the future or tucked into a skirt as a blouse.


Pretty shoulder ruffle



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