Can I get a do over?


In addition to never actually making up the fabric I buy, I also have quite a few projects that have been abandoned at the almost complete stage. Either cause I got bored or because I’d reached a point of laborious hand sewing or some finishing work that I don’t quite know how to do. Now, I know how to finish a hem by hand, it’s just that being short I’m always taking up hems and have had to ever since Mum stopped buying my clothes. This skirt was finished and worn last year and I was feeling pretty pleased with myself but the hem, as Mum so kindly pointed out, wasn’t right.


The fabric is a beautiful floral jade silk which I got for $6.00 at a Plunket Fabric Auction Fundraiser about two years ago. It was an old upholstery sample from an Interior Designer and there was just enough for a very plain straight skirt and being a sample it came pre-hemmed. Bonus I thought and completely ignored that the hem was designed for curtains and not only was huge but also quadruple fabric thickness. Very thick fabric.

The skirt was wearable, but the hem made it stick out awkwardly and the line of machine sewing was quite obvious. In the spirit of getting better at sewing I “womanned” up, undid the existing hem, cut off eight inches of length and hand sewed a proper hem. I still sound like I have a large dog following me when I walk (woof woof woof goes the fabric), as it’s a very heavy weight, but it falls much better now.


I’m glad I redid this one, I feel elegant wearing it and it’s a beautiful colour and fabric. Plus it turned out exactly like I imagined when I first saw the fabric at the auction. And that doesn’t happen very often!


Pretty finished hem


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