Pretty in Pink



One thing I do like sewing is skirts. I don’t wear a lot of trousers and dresses always seem like too much work, so being inherently lazy when I do sew something it’s invariably a skirt. Rather than make yet another pencil skirt (yay New Look 6854) I thought I’d try Burda 7197 (View A). When I bought the pattern I totally missed that the zip is at the front with front pleats as well, I just really liked the sarong affect in View B.

Burda7197 As a complete apple in shape, that is, someone who carries most of her weight in the belly this is perhaps NOT the most flattering of styles to choose and when you decide to use a pink matelassé looking fabric it’s bulk bulky bulk bulk where really, you probably don’t want it. But when I put the skirt on and matched it with a shell pink cowl neck top I made a few years ago I felt pretty and feminine, so as long as I avoid side views in shop windows who cares?

The fabric came from the Arthur Toye’s frenzied buying spree along with the silver lining which is very slinky and lovely against the skin.


Lovely silky lining

I lined it because a that’s what my Mum taught me to do and b the wrong side of the fabric was a very loose weave and would probably pull like crazy.


Potential wrong side badness at top


The first version of the belt was a little too short, so I had to re-cut it and make it over again. Not that much extra effort, just annoying. It’s generally one of the things I have problems with when sewing. Rather than taking the time to learn how to fit a pattern to my body, I just blindly cut the largest size, follow instructions and hope for the best.

Mum’s verdict when she came round for dinner? “Very pretty fabric but your iron was too hot when you did the belt and you haven’t put the zip in right.” Le sigh. I’ve worn this pink skirt/shirt combo several times and really like it, shiny belt and all. But have lost a few kgs recently and it’s now slightly too large in the waist so I may revisit this later on to redo the belt and add a couple of back darts to make it fit a little snugger.

At the same time I bought the pink fabric, I also bought this yellow reversible fabric to make the view A sarong style skirt, but now am less sure if this would be particularly flattering on me and am glad I didn’t cut the fabric yet as it may turn into a dress instead. (Bad habit # 693 buying way too much fabric for the project I have in mind).


Am I a skirt or a dress?



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