Hello my name is …


So this has been a bit delayed I know, I’ve been doing lots of sewing but not a lot of blogging.

At the start of winter Flossie FT issued the “What’s in a name?” challenge. The idea was you sew a pattern that links to your name somehow. She even researched a few name patterns for people and found the Nina cardigan for me. Challenge was sew up your name and then we can go meet for a cocktail or two and show off.

NINA-CARDI I’d never heard of StyleArc before but then I’ve discovered all sorts of new pattern companies and independent pattern designers this year. Their point of difference is that they print the pattern to order in your size – just your size. Check your measurements against their size chart and pick the one that closest matches 12,14,16 etc. In addition to the pattern you order they include a monthly freebie pattern as well and small swatches of their recommended fabric which is a nice bonus.

The “Nina” is a drape front knit cardigan and as I don’t have a lot of knits in the stash it was a good excuse to go to The Fabric Store’s winter sale. I took Mum along who in addition to being a wonderful sewer has a fairly impressive stash of her own. And she’s REALLY good at encouraging you to acquire stashy fabric goodness… (Yeah so my recent good stash busting behaviour slipped into bad stash acquiring behaviour. Oh well, I’m sure I’ll get back on that wagon soon.) The fabric for the cardigan is a lovely thick grey and turquoise zig zag merino with magenta dots and while we were in the knit section Mum slipped in a lighter weight turquoise merino and requested the “Nina” cardi for herself.

IMG_2504  IMG_2507IMG_2505

The pattern itself was a very easy sew with the pivot points where the drape neck meets the “peplum” bottom the only slightly tricky bit, but even that sewed up fine.

This is the first time I’ve made something where if I saw it in a shop I’d buy it. That makes me so happy, yes it’s not a particularly difficult pattern but to me this is a big milestone, a huge confidence boost. And it’s not just me who loves this pattern, I made up the turquoise merino straight after for my mother who loves her version, then again for myself in grey and then with much trepidation made a version for my Grandmother as well in coral for her 90th birthday which she too loved. I have a lemon yellow linen knit cut out for me again and a black version and another black version for my sister in law who tried my first one on and promptly put in a birthday order for herself!


So thank you Flossie FT for finding my Nina and providing the inspiration for a piece of clothing made by me that I love love love.


One thought on “Hello my name is …

  1. I love it! The fact that is suits so many people, and you are so generous with you sewing makes it the perfect pattern. I have a similar style pattern that i have been meaning to make for my mother and Mother in law. I should take your inspiration and really do it

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