It’s a wrap!


IMG_2530The final thing I made last year was a wrap dress, hence the title. Trouble is I’m very slow at writing posts so it doesn’t make much timing sense when you’re staring down Valentine’s day. The pattern is the Gillian dress from Muse patterns and the fabric is vintage which I bought off TradeMe. The fabric is a weird knit and not what I expected at all and the colours were waaaaaay more vivid IRL, but happily I liked it way more than I liked what I thought I was getting. It had such a 70s vibe which I thought really suited the pattern.


Can you see the unusual texture of the fabric?

Cutting this fabric was an absolute dream, it was so well behaved. Probably helped that I finally figured out my rotary cutter and cut out at the table rather than the floor like I usually do.  There were lots of pieces to this pattern too, so I’m glad it behaved itself as it doesn’t take much for me to put something in the naughty pile at the moment. That’s not to say I did everything right as I somehow managed to cut the back skirt piece longer than the front skirt piece, I remember wondering what length to make it and must have changed my mind half way through. I cut the sleeves full length as I was unsure what would look best, I was worried that the fabric might overwhelm me, but in the end I left them long and push them up my arms.

I like the Gillian pattern you can make a dress, top or skirt from it – three for the price of one – bargain. The instructions were mostly clear until I got to the waistband where they simply didn’t make sense and I couldn’t understand how once I’d attached it to the skirt I was going to be able to attach it to the bodice. It did my head in so I gave up and went to the beach and had a swim. I took the instructions to bed, did a little googling to see if others had had the problem but everyone only talked about the side slit where the belt passes through as being tricky saying to follow the instructions completely as it was really very simple. Next day I unpicked the waist band and tried again, nope, I was getting frustrated and nearly at the point of ringing someone I knew who’d already made it to ask them if they knew what I was doing wrong. I went back to the beginning of the instructions and went through each step checking what I had done and found the problem – I’m an idiot. I interpreted the instruction “If you’re making the skirt variation, jump ahead to step 27 on page 15” as applying to the full skirt dress version as the other steps must be for the peplum version. I know, sometimes I’m as blonde as I look. I unpicked the waistband again  and this time carried onto step 17 instead of 27, and you know what? If you take it slowly, follow the instructions precisely, it really is a very simple process giving a nice neat finish to the slit for the belt.

IMG_2528 IMG_2529  IMG_2531

This is another really successful make for me, it’s lovely to wear and behaves nicely with no indecent exposures when I ride my scooter unlike other wrap clothes I’ve tried. I got lots of compliments from people at work and my husband told me I look sexy in it. And you can’t beat feedback like that 😉


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