Continuing my dress journey, when I bought the Short Sleeve Kimono pattern it came bundled with the Coffee Date Dress pattern and a Shift Dress pattern with three sleeve options (which doesn’t seem to be offered anymore).

I made the Coffee Date Dress last year in a linen/synthetic mix. The pattern is a pretty feminine style. However I made it up in a straight size 42 before I really started to think about fit properly, when I was still a bit too gung ho. I tried it on to check before finishing and it was far too small across the back – eep!

IMG_0030Glum I showed the boys and my son said “I don’t like it Mum it makes you look like a slave.” Yeah not the look I was going for…


Please excuse the wrinkly photo I dragged it out of the naughty pile.

I threw it in the naughty corner and in another fit of folly made up the Shift dress pattern but ignored the woven fabric recommendation and made it in a soft draping knit. I made it in knit because I wanted a weekend dress and thought the fabric would make it more casual but the verdict from the husband when I was checking the fit: “You’re not going out of the house in that are you?!!!!”

IMG_0088I couldn’t be arsed fixing it properly, so simply wear it with a belt and it looks ok. Not sartorial splendour I grant you but ok. Ok enough that I do wear it out of the house but with high heeled wedges and no opaque stockings which improves the outfit tremendously!

But I couldn’t get the Coffee Date Dress out of my head, I have a similar RTW version so I knew the style should be ok and thought it was worth another try. I shopped The Stash and found this red viscose which is so fluid against the skin and drapes beautifully. I’d bought it a while ago in one of the end of season sales at The Fabric Store, back when it was Global Fabrics paying only $8 per metre.IMG_2670This time I was careful and measured myself again,¬†checked the sizes in the instructions and measured the bodice pattern pieces as well. What a difference taking your time and making an effort make no straining zips this time.



Don’t ya love it when a plan comes together?


4 thoughts on “Dating

  1. Sheila Hollis

    You look the bees knees Nina. It was very worthwhile persevering and I could see where Joe was coming from with his remark on the grey one!!!

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