The awesome Bed of Free Fabric (the new BFF!)


What’s the quote? I can resist anything except temptation…

Last year Alison from Alyz Creations let the WSBN group know about a friend of hers who had recently acquired a huge stash of fabric from a friend who had sadly passed away. It was more fabric than she could deal with and she asked Alison if she knew anyone who would be interested in taking some of it off her hands.

Now sometimes I have reasonable will power, but people, this was a queen size bed completely covered half a metre high in free fabric. Resistance was futile.


And this was after sizeable amount had already been taken!

Alison’s message to our group: FREE material you can go and look/take what you want. I saw a lot of pieces that made me think of some of you. If you are interested, (that means anyone in this group) – please call me and I will give you her name and number so you can arrange a time to go. First in first served basis! She would like the spare queen bed back 🙂 This stash has been collected over many years (up to fifty) – some pieces are probably from the 70’s, others are labelled “Bargain Roster” which I remember being part of for a while years ago! Most of it is fine, however I did notice a few mildewed pieces, and it all has an “I’ve been stored for years and need a good wash” aroma.

Honestly it was wonderful to be able to dive through all this and fascinating. You could see when she started the stash and how her needs and fashions in fabric had changed over the years. I could see that she must have had children that she sewed for. It was also really interesting to see the pieces that she had made up as there were a lot of those big pieces that you can’t quite allow yourself to throw away because they might be useful.

The bargain roster apparently was something you signed up for and they sent fabric to you every month and you kept what you wanted and returned the rest. Online shopping before the internet – but you get to feel the fabric first!

So what did I walk away with? A whole load of threads and this gorgeous lot:

And a small stash for Sandra from Flossie FT who wasn’t able to make it:


It made me both sad and happy, so much possibility that was never realised but also so much had been used. It made me scared about my own stash and made me even more determined to SEW MORE, STASH LESS. For goodness sake it’s just fabric it’s not too precious to waste, it’s only special if you use it and wear it

And my favourite piece? This rather whimsical scrap that isn’t big enough to make anything of but would look awesome as an applique on a sweat shirt.


Apeearing soon on a sweatshirt near me 😉




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