Sewing crack



I have a new toy! 🙂

After saving all my birthday and Christmas monies and dithering for really QUITE A LONG TIME. I finally bought my new machine. My old Brother machine was ok but you couldn’t adjust the needle position and that was becoming quite annoying.

I spent ages agonising over what features I wanted and what was most important to me and went round and round the sewing machine shops in a paralysis of indecision. I was very tempted by the Janome DC6030 but was $100 short. Several of the other WSBNers have this machine and really like it and just as I was about to bite the bullet and buy one my husband sent me an email saying our local Bernina supplier was having a sale and the machine I liked was coming in $100 less than the Janome. I raced in and bought this pretty thing immediately.


I like it very much. The first thing I did on it were buttonholes on knit fabric and it worked an absolute dream – so easy. Someone said recently that you’re either a Bernina fan or not. The first machine I ever used was my Mum’s old Bernina and I’ve been partial to them ever since. Not so partial that I’m going to spend the money a proper one costs but enough of a fangirl to be swayed to the Bernette if it was possible.

In other news the Sewing/office/room- o-crap has got yet another purpose and turned into a shipyard again as well. We bought some new shelving at auction and rearranged the room putting all my fabric stash on the lower shelves so that we can both use the table at the same time. It’s really nice although there’s a lot more swearing than there used to be! Apparently planking is really tricky 😉



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