The almost dress…



 … as in I almost got it right. It should be perfect, but I let myself and my inherent laziness get in the way. I love this dress but…


The fabric: I love Ikat fabric and I love blue so it should be perfect right? Well the hand of the fabric is wonderful and soft and exactly right for this style. Holds it’s shape and wears like a dream. And as a bonus the fabric doesn’t crease. But a proper Ikat is where the pattern is dyed onto the threads before it is woven, this has been printed onto the woven fabric. So the fabric is almost right… but just wrong enough to niggle.


The pattern: I bought the fabric with the Grainline Alder dress in mind. I intended to do view B with the gathered back and have a collar, however I didn’t think to check I would have enough fabric. I just kind of thought it was about enough… but no, apparently my mind’s eye measuring is a bit dodgy – there wasn’t enough fabric. I made view A with no collar.  So the pattern is perfect for the fabric and it’s almost the dress style I wanted.

Pattern placement: Because I was tight on fabric it was a case of what will fit when laying out. Having said that, I’m sure I could have lain the front pieces out in a single layer and still had enough. IMG_9162Which would have prevented the seeing double on the front. It’s annoying because I cared enough to make sure the button placket and pockets match perfectly which makes the left side/right side non match stand out more to my eye. Grrr

Sewing: The actual sewing part is mostly fine. Seams are straight, finishes look nice, pattern matching (when I actually thought about it) is pretty much perfect. The techniques are ok and I loved having the Grainline Alder sew-a-long to follow. Especially as they showed a really clean way to finish the collar stand. But the overall length is too long I think for my height and the back is marginally longer than the front,  I need to actually finally admit it, stop being lazy and adjust it.

So… I have a dress which is a pleasure to wear but when I wear it I can’t help noticing all the “faults”. When I started to get serious about sewing two years ago it was to try and avoid feeling like this.  Le sigh

There is one thing that is absolutely perfect about this dress though, it’s perfect for the muggy summer heat and I practically lived in this dress. So it can’t be all bad can it? 😉



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