Pretty Pyjamas


It was the deepest darkest depths of winter we were miserable, cold and grumpy. We needed sunshine. So one lunch break the Boat Builder and I went to our friendly travel agent full of dreams of beautiful beaches and snorkelling in warm seas. He recommended Tonga and having never been there, but sold on the photos of white sandy beaches, beautiful Fales and tropical fish, we signed up immediately.

I did have a small problem though. No summer pyjamas. My husband bought the Carolyn pyjamas pattern for me for Christmas last year along with the Ginger Jeans but both had been sitting in the scary pile waiting for me to woman up. Nothing like a deadline to suddenly motivate you.


I had the perfect fabric sitting in the stash that came from a local fabric store pop up sale. $3 per metre –way too cheap for fabric so lovely. It is a soft cotton voile with a red and yellow check and was a last minute decision as I waited in the queue to get my fabric cut. I grabbed the roll thinking it would be good to use for a muslin. The buttons came from my button stash. I got them a few years ago from a vintage seller at Fabric-a-Brac. I love how delicate they are and think they suit perfectly. Stashing for the win!


With fabric so light and translucent I decided to use French seams everywhere.  I even French seamed those tricky crotch and sleeve head seams.


There’s only two things I’m not happy with. I think the shorts are a little too short. I’d like them to be about 1cm longer in the leg length. And I’m not sure what I did wrong with the facing at the shoulder seams but it didn’t meet up neatly.  I ended up using the pinking shears which means they won’t fray at least. I didn’t pipe these as the fabric was so light and I wanted to keep them very simple

I did take a couple of photos with me in them, It’s always nicest if you see a real person in the clothes. Can you see all the goose bumps in the in spite of the thermals underneath?  It was cold that day, but in Tonga they were perfect.

The pyjama pattern is great and I do have fabric and trim sitting ready for when I make up my “proper” version. But will probably need to book another holiday somewhere cold to get that version moved further up the sewing queue.


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