When good patterns go bad…

…in this instance it’s the fault of a rogue sewer.
Have you tried the Fantail skirt from Scroop patterns? I was a tester for this pattern and was really gung-ho and excited and very full of myself and confident. How could I not love a pattern named after one of our most delightful birds?
The pattern sewed up beautifully, and I love my test version. So much swooshy! Just like actual fantails which fly in flurries of swoops from tree to tree. The back pleats fall just so and the pattern has the best waistband instructions I have ever come across. The order you attach it to the skirt is different which gives a very clean and polished look inside and out.


There was just one tiny problem.  Right before the testing period I had decided I couldn’t bear having to wear my security card on a lanyard anymore and that all my clothes had to have pockets. And the fantail skirt doesn’t have pockets. Yep I was that rogue tester who doesn’t just make the pattern as per instructions but decides to go do their own thing. (BAD testing etiquette Nina!) I talked to Leimomi during testing about wanting pockets and she was interested to see how it would go. She had experimented with a pocketed version during development but made the decision to release the final pattern without. I figured I could just insert pockets on the sides of the front panel and all would be well – HA! They draw waaay too much attention to my tummy and they don’t sit nicely.
The fabric is a lovely red cotton that had been in my stash for a number of years. I tend to wear the skirt with my favourite striped t-shirt (must clone this top) or with a camisole and cardigan. In my mind this translates into a very French vibe and when wearing this I find myself walking down the street having school girl French conversations in my head pretending I’m a sophisticated parisienne.
For these photos I went to a new playground up the road from me and tried to channel my best fantail impression, with minimal success. Not so much gracefully swooping from pole to pole more clinging on for dear life.
And then I decided to climb trees??!!?? I think I was feeling “whimsical”.
Happily for any future Fantail skirt makers Leimomi took one of the more successful experiments she did while developing the pattern and put up a tutorial for a pocket version on her blog. Check it out here. Unhappily for me I didn’t  have quite enough fabric left to re make the skirt with this much better pocket design so I sadly admitted to myself that I would have to give up my pockets and redo the front.
Fixing my mistake took longer than anticipated, I knew I didn’t like the way the pockets looked, but the skirt was so comfortable and fun to wear it just wouldn’t come out of wardrobe rotation long enough to go into the fixing pile. It’s all fixed now but I’m glad I got these photos as I’ve given up waiting to get new ones after removing the pockets and figured I’d just show off my fun skirt with the bad pockets.
If you want to check out a real Fantail have a look here