It’s getting harder now


So over the last couple of years I’ve been thinking about things I’ve never made that seemed tricky and hard and would probably challenge me to improve my skills. On the list was a collared shirt. I have a wide back, a reasonable amount up front boob wise and a large belly so I find shirts really hard to buy. In fact I only own one – which I don’t wear cause it doesn’t fit properly. Then I saw a sewing class for collared shirts, and then my husband askedĀ  if I would make something for him. Dun dun dun fates decreed that I would learn how to sew a shirt. Collar, flat felled seams, plackets and cuffs – eeeeep!

The pattern I used is McCall’s 6044 but I bought the wrong size it’s too big, I should have bought a large. However maths is amongst the things the Boat Builder is rather good at so it made a nice puzzle for him calculating the decreases – only fair it’s his shirt! The pattern also didn’t have a yoke or sleeve plackets but the sewing class covered how to add those.


I had some heavier weight white stretch cotton with a slight waffle weave in the stash that would do nicely. And cut up an old check shirt of his to use for the inside collar stand, placket and cuffs and snipped off the buttons to reuse – waste not want not ;-).

My husband has a large neck and we find it really difficult to buy shirts for him. If he wants to wear a tie it has to be a custom made shirt, which is not cheap. I measured his neck and increased the collar and stand pattern pieces, then made up the collar but it was too small, UGH. I increased them again and made the most perfect collar I’ve ever done, again too small, ARGH. I increased them again and while this version isn’t the most perfect collar and stand in the world and certainly not as perfect as my second attempt, it does button up and that’s what’s important when wearing a tie.


I think it turned out rather well for a first attempt. I need to decrease the shoulder width slightly on any future version and I’ll change the sleeve from a two piece to a single piece, but the Boat Builder is looking fine.